Courthouse Steps

A Courthouse Steps Quilt BlockA Courthouse Steps Quilt Block A 19th Century Courthouse Steps QuiltA 19th Century Courthouse Steps Quilt Traditionally, the Courthouse Steps block pattern is pieced with all the dark fabrics on the top and bottom of the square, and all the light fabrics on the sides, or vice versa, creating the illusion of steps surrounding the center square.

The Loudoun County Courthouse in LeesburgThe Loudoun County Courthouse in Leesburg The present Loudoun County Courthouse in the center of Leesburg was erected in 1895. It has four columns, double doors, and is capped by a clock and bell in a belfry. The Courthouse is part of the Leesburg Historic District. Loudoun’s annual Memorial Day ceremony, commemorating those who lost their lives in battle and recognizing all the men and women in the military who currently serve our country, is held each year at the courthouse. The Loudoun County Courthouse lawn is also the site of seasonal festivals and open-air concerts.


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