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How Do I Get My Barn Quilt?

First, a couple of questions for you:

  1. Loudoun Barn Quilt signs are intended to highlight the county’s agricultural history and culture. Do you have a barn, farm structure, winery/tasting room, or similar structure where you can hang a barn quilt? 

  2. Keep in mind that the visitors will want to see your barn quilt sign. To view it, people need to be able to see your barn quilt clearly from the road or a nearby parking spot. (Viewers are encouraged to take and post photos of the signs and selfies with the signs in them.) Do you have a place to hang your barn quilt where it can easily be seen by visitors?

If you can answer “yes!” to these two questions, we will help you get a Barn Quilt!

Author Suzi Parron to Kick Off New Loudoun County Barn Quilt Trail

Suzi Parron is a quilter, a folk art collector, and author of books Barn Quilts and Following the Barn Quilt Trail. Suzi will give a talk about the growing number of barn quilt trails in the US, and their role in emphasizing the improtance of agriculture in our nation's history. Join Barn Quilt Trail volunteers and Ms. Parron at 1 pm on Saturday, October 20th at the Moutoux Orchards Barn in Wheatland, Virginia, when Loudoun Farms will sponsor the special reception, talk, and book signing by Ms. Parron during Loudoun's Fall Farm Tour.

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