Hunters Star

Hunter's Star Quilt PatternHunter's Star Quilt Pattern The Hunter’s Star quilt block lends itself to infinite color combinations, placement of lights and darks and arrangement of blocks in the quilt.

A Traditional Hunter's Star QuiltA Traditional Hunter's Star Quilt Hunting of all types has a long tradition in Loudoun County. Loudoun is also home to several hunt clubs that offer trail rides, competitions, point-to-point races and other events, in addition to foxhunting. Loudoun Hunt in ActionLoudoun Hunt in Action The Middleburg Hunt with its horses, riders and hounds on parade is a special feature of the annual Christmas in Middleburg event. The National Sporting Library and Museum in Middleburg and the Museum of Hounds and Hunting at Morven Park celebrate Loudoun’s equine and equestrian history and traditions.


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