Magnolia Bud
A pink Magnolia Bud quilt SquareA pink Magnolia Bud quilt SquareDesigned by Eveline Foland, ‘this modernistic Magnolia Bud quilt pattern appeared in the Kansas City Star in 1932, ‘bringing with it a promise of spring soon to come.’ Foland intended the blocks to be arranged diagonally on point, ‘in which case an interesting visual effect is obtained.' Eveline Foland's Magnolia Bud patternEveline Foland's Magnolia Bud pattern
The Southern Magnolia, of Magnolia Grandiflora, cultivated 1734, is a native tree much loved in Loudoun and throughout Virginia. Its large fragrant flowers bloom in late spring and early summer; the huge shiny leaf clusters adorn wreaths and other winter holiday decorations.
A variation on the Magnolia Bud quilt squareA variation on the Magnolia Bud quilt squareLarge stately magnolia trees adorn the lawns and grounds of Loudoun homes, especially in the older established towns, and carefully tended in gardens on historic estates like Oatlands and Morven Park. Magnolia’s at the Mill, a restaurant in Purcellville located in an old grain mill, takes its name from these striking ornamental trees.


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