Maple Leaf quilt block
Maple Leaf

Maple Leaf quilt blockMaple Leaf quilt block

The Maple Leaf pattern can laid out in several ways; here the "leaves create a diamond shape in the center.   The blocks can also be joined with the stems coming together in the center, and in many other creative patterns.

The Maple Leaf block pattern was included in Ruby Short McKim’s One Hundred and One Patchwork Patterns in 1931, where she stipulated green for the leaf sections and a white ground.

Loudoun maple in autumnLoudoun maple in autumn

Loudoun is home to many magnificent maple trees, old, tall and stately, and one of the streets in Purcellville is named Maple Avenue. Maple syrup is made from Loudoun sugar maple trees every winter. A Purcellville area farm produces pure maple syrup sold at local farmers markets.


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