Mill Wheel quilt block
Mill Wheel

Mill Wheel quilt blockMill Wheel quilt block

Mill Wheel ​is a classic five-patch quilt pattern with contrasting colors arranged to form a center circle with surrounding ‘paddles’, suggesting the rotating mill wheel. In the diagram above, four blocks with sashing in two contrasting colors form a design with dramatic impact.

Mill Wheel quiltMill Wheel quilt

Water mills have been an important part of Loudoun County’s agricultural history. Two early gristmills have been restored and preserved. Aldie Mill​, ​built in 1809​, ​is Virginia's only known mill powered by tandem overshot water wheels, which still hum with activity for special demonstrations.

Waterford’s impressive three-story mill built in the 1820s has been restored and attests to the county’s rich agricultural past. Aldie Mill is open to visitors on a seasonal basis; the Waterford Mill is open during the Waterford Fair. Both have fascinating histories that help illustrate Loudoun County’s early years.

Aldie MillAldie Mill Waterford MillWaterford Mill


Mill Wheel quiltMill Wheel quiltAldie MillAldie MillWaterford MillWaterford Mill


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