Four Four-Rail Fence Blocks
Rail Fence

Four Four-Rail Fence BlocksFour Four-Rail Fence Blocks Vintage Rail Fence QuiltVintage Rail Fence Quilt The Rail Fence block design often calls for three rails, but more can be used as long as the result is a square block.There are many other creative ways to put together and arrange the Rail Fence blocks.

Traditional Split-Rail FencingTraditional Split-Rail Fencing Loudoun County is known for its traditional three-rail and four-rail fences that keeplivestock such as cows and horses from escaping their pastures. A split-rail fence is made out of timber logs, usually split lengthwise into rails and typically used for agricultural or decorative fencing.

Vintage Rail Fence QuiltVintage Rail Fence QuiltTraditional Split-Rail FencingTraditional Split-Rail Fencing


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