The Virginia Reel Quilt Pattern
Virginia Reel

The Virginia Reel Quilt PatternThe Virginia Reel Quilt Pattern The Virginia Reel design is composed of four quilt blocks pieced together as above. Although the block is formed with straight stitching lines throughout, the specific placement of light and dark colors creates an illusion of curves and rotation, as in a barn dance. This quilt square will soon grace a small barn at George's Mill Farm.

A Virginia Reel QuiltA Virginia Reel Quilt The Virginia Reel is a folk dance of Scottish origin dating from the 17th century. Dancing was a popular pastime of colonial Virginians. As an American country-dance, the Virginia Reel starts with couples facing each other in two lines, then twirling and changing partners in various dance patterns. The Virginia Reel, line and square dancing remain well-liked today. For those who want to learn or just to enjoy, dances and classes are held at some of Loudoun’s recreation centers.

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A Virginia Reel QuiltA Virginia Reel QuiltVirginia Reel Quilt DesignVirginia Reel Quilt Design


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